The Studio

We are located in the beautiful Lunada Bay community of Palos Verdes. We have a spacious bamboo floor in the practice room with props, blankets, and mats for comfort in your yoga practice. Don’t forget the group exercise classes including Kristi’s Kardio and Athlete Programs! You’ll find us by Lunada Bay Hardware in the lower back level. The studio is available for Private Parties and Events for a rental fee.

All Levels Yoga

This class is available to everyone from Beginners to Advanced. Focus is on alignment and individual adjustments. Often this class includes an easy flow series to warm the body.  Each class is a pot pourri of exploration: from Warriors to stretching to balancing and breath work.  You will feel challenged but not intimidated by our teachers' sensitivity and awareness of individual needs.

Soft and Slow Yoga

This class is appropriate for ALL levels- set to a slow and thoughtful pace. Appropriate for Beginners looking to ease into yoga or advanced students looking to deepen their practice by cultivating breath awareness and focus. The main emphasis is on breath, connection, and safe body movement. You will leave feeling relaxed and renewed.  The slow pace makes this class a perfect match for anyone recovering from injuries, pregnant, or just looking to gain focus by taking their time.  One of our teachers says "Soft n' Slow doesn't mean easy"- this is class is what you make it.

Align and Flow Yoga 

This fun and challenging class focuses on ALIGNMENT to lead you deeper into your practice.  FLOW with breath through sun salutations and sequences designed to open and prepare the body for balance poses, inversions, backbends, and arm balances.  All levels are welcomed, modifications will be offered, and smiles guaranteed.  Drop your expectations, tap into your grace, your strength and shift your practice!


​The secret to vitality and longevity is movement. Movement Exploration, or MovEx, is a practice designed to challenge your body and brain with creative and dynamic motion. The practice implements diverse elements, props, textures and challenges in a playful, community setting. Benefits include increased mobility, strength, stability, dexterity, balance and overall whole-body awareness. 

Move across boundaries to build a new relationship with your body and gain insight into your unlimited potential for strength and self-healing.

Nourishing Slow Flow Yoga 
We all have the power to heal ourselves, strengthen from within and nourish the body & mind. By slowing down, we learn in this class to breathe & move deliberately while connecting to our inner strength. Learn safe alignment to empower your physical body, balance your energy with nourishing breath and quiet the mind in this meditative flow. Mixed levels, vinyasa flow style.

Yoga Glow (a Flow Class)
Yoga Glow is a challenging, and often sweaty practice where students move fluidly from one pose to the next.  Class usually begins with a brief warm up, followed by sun salutations used to further warm the body, and then gets into either basic arm balances or longer asana holds. This class incorporates strength, balance, flexibility and stamina, all in a safe and nurturing environment. All Levels are welcome - there are always modifications available

Soulful Flow Yoga and Sun Rise Flow 

Soulful Flow and Sun Rise Flow are heartfelt yoga practices that is appropriate for all levels.  There are always variations and options given to make the level appropriate for your body on that day.  The pace is a slow moving flow with a peak of intensity to bring heat to the body-this is a flow class and we do move.  The main focus on Sunday mornings is to approach the practice as a ritual- something sacred- connecting you deeper to your breath, body, heart, and soul.  The community is building- come gather and practice with us!

Yoga for Athletes is a private class designed for each specific team and the unique demands of each sport. Contact the studio directly to set up a time for your team.The Yoga for Athletes program at Palos Verdes Yoga is led Jennifer Allen Richard. For five years now, Jennifer has been teaching yoga to football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, and volleyball players. As the daughter of a pro football coach, Jennifer grew up with a deep understanding of athletes – and the necessary balance mind and body in action. Jennifer brings this knowledge onto the mat, guiding students through sessions that are physically challenging and mentally steadying, encouraging all to tap into their own inner strength.

Private yoga
All of our teachers are available for private classes at the studio. Private classes are designed with you in mind. If you are interested in scheduling a private class, please contact us!  We also offer Private Group Classes- ideal for teams, clubs, couples, or girls night out.

Class Tips and Etiquette

Yoga Mats- If you practice regularly, enjoy the cleanliness of your own mat and purchase one at our retail area. Mats are available to rent $1 per session per person.

Please arrive on time- Classes start and finish on time. We understand that schedules may cause you to be late occationally. Choose a class time that is appropriate for you so that lateness is minimal. Please be mindful and respectful of your fellow yogis and enter quietly. Take a place in the spot most easily accessed. Never leave during Savasana.  Remember that yoga is a great way to work out, but for some it is also a spiritual practice which takes place in a sacred space- please behave accordingly.  Would you stomp through a church during a prayer? 

Please do not bring cell phones into the practice room. Your personal calls are a distraction to a group yoga setting and counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve in the room. If you need to check your phone, leave it in your car or the lobby and quietly step outside.

Choose the level of class that is appropriate for you. We are committed to tailoring your Yoga experience to you.  Please consult with us for guidance about which classes to choose for your personal experience.  We are here to guide and support your growth.  Yoga is not about competition, perfect poses or anyone other than yourself. 

Always let your teacher know if you have any injuries.  Modifications are always available and appropriate.