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    Teacher Substitutions
    Friday, Feb 28, 9:15 am Kimberly for Jennifer R

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    Soft and Slow Yoga
    All Levels Yoga
    Restorative Yoga
    Jennifer R


    Yoga All Levels
    Kim Wolff
    Soft and Slow Yoga
    Kim Wolff
    Align and Flow with Lisa


    Kristi’s Kardio
    Yoga All Levels
    Community Yoga*
    $10 Drop In


    All Levels Yoga
    Kim Wolff
    Soft and Slow Yoga
    Kim Wolff
    Align and Flow with Lisa


    Kristi’s Kardio
    Yoga All Levels
    Community Yoga*
    $10 Drop In


    Deep Flow
    Jennifer R
    Slow and Soft Yoga
    Jenn W


    9:00-10:15 am
    Deep Flow
    Jennifer R
    Yoga All Levels

    All Levels:

    This class is available to everyone from Beginners to Advanced. Instruction is focus and adjustments are offered to assist students with asana. Often this class includes an easy flow series to warm the body.

    Level 2/3:

    Yoga experience recommended. Challenging, empowering, and uplifting, this class will allow you delve deeper into your yoga practice. With a focus on alignment and breath – Your teacher will guide you through an inspired sequence of poses, set to a groove-inducing soundtrack. Come ready to shed a detoxifying sweat in a room warmed to a summery temp. Strengthen the body, clear the mind, and welcome the bliss.

    Community Yoga:

    All Levels Yoga priced for the budget conscious at $10 per class Drop In Rate or use your current Series or Package with us.

    Forrest Inspired Yoga:

    Steeped in classical Forrest Yoga principles and core work. This Forrest Yoga class is focused on steadiness with deep, conscious breathing. Each sequence is designed to help students tap into their own internal strength while building heat for healing and purification. Experience a balance of strength and breath and the integration of intention and purpose. New or Experienced practicioner, you are sure to leave this class feeling empowered, expansive and deeply

    Soft and Slow Yoga:

    This is a Basic to All-Levels class set to a slow thoughtful pace. Appropriate for Beginners looking to ease into yoga or advanced students looking to deepen their practice. The main emphasis is on breath and connection. You will leave feeling relaxed and renewed.

    Strength and Stretch Yoga:

    All Levels Welcome. This class focuses on building strength in the major muscles complemented with deep stretches. Asanas (poses) range from beginner to advanced levels. Props and modifications are always available.

    Forrest Inspired Yoga:

    Kristi’s Kardio:

    Perfect to define your lines and burn fat and calories! A fitness class including cardio warm up series and interval weight routines. This is not a yoga class.

    Yoga for Athletes:

    All Athletes know the beauty of playing out of the ‘head’ and in ‘the zone’ – where mind, body and breath are working together toward one goal – winning. Students will strengthen their core, refine their balance, focus their minds, enhance their breathing skills – and stretch key areas fatigued by the repetitive movements of their sport. Yoga for Athletes is a private class designed for each specific team and the unique demands of each sport. Contact the studio directly to set up a time for your team.

    The Yoga for Athletes program at Palos Verdes Yoga is led Jennifer Allen Richard. For five years now, Jennifer has been teaching yoga to football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, and volleyball players. As the daughter of a pro football coach, Jennifer grew up with a deep understanding of athletes – and the necessary balance mind and body in action. Jennifer brings this knowledge onto the mat, guiding students through sessions that are physically challenging and mentally steadying, encouraging all to tap into their own inner strength

    Class Tips and Etiquette

    Yoga Mats
    If you practice regularly, enjoy the cleanliness of your own mat and purchase one at our retail area.
    Mats are available to rent $1 per session per person.

    Please arrive on time
    Classes start and finish on time. We understand that schedules may cause you to be late on an
    exception basis. Choose a class time that is appropriate for you so that lateness is minimal. Please be mindful and respectful of your fellow yogis and enter quietly. Take a place in the spot most
    easily accessed. Never leave during Savasana.

    Practice on an empty stomach
    It is recommended to refrain from eating 90 minutes to two hours before class.

    Print your name on the sign in sheet
    Please print your name neatly and legibly on the sheet. This is our reference for paying the instructors and keeping records of your accounts.

    Please do not bring cell phones into the practice room
    Your personal calls are a distraction to a group yoga
    setting and counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve in the room. If you need to check your phone, leave it in your car or the lobby and quietly step outside.

    Excessive fragrance or odors are distracting to others and non-serving to you. Please keep your mat and your body clean. Towels are recommended for all classes. If you leave any sweat in areas around your mat, please wipe with provided wipes.

    Choose the level of class that is appropriate for you
    Yoga is available to everyone, but we all have our own limitations and preferences. Classes are described in detail above. If you are not certain which class to choose, please consult your instructor for guidance. We want to find a fit that will inspire your on-going practice in a welcoming non-competitive atmosphere.

    Let your teacher know if you have any injuries.

    Eunjoo    |    Jennifer    |    Kimberly

    Lisa    |    Kim   |    Sarah and Kelly    |    Jenn W    |    Michelle    |   Lane



    Lane Jaffe


    Lane’s introduction to yoga came over twenty years ago while training with olympic gold medalist Chris Cambell at a Comprehensive wrestling camp at Cornell University. After training for over six hours a day, Lane vividly remembers anxiously awaiting for the yoga sessions at the end of the day. “After pounding on my body all day, I could not wait to get into childs pose and just be still for a moment.” Lane credits the flexibilty and focus derived from yoga as a major contributor to his athletic success. In additon to wrestling, Lane played football and was an all american lacrosse goalie. While his time playing football and wrestling came to end a short time later, his passion for yoga had just begun.

    Lane earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Rutgers University before moving from New Jersey out to California. Arrving in California, Lane began to deepen his Yoga practice studying under well known teachers Bryan Kest and Govindas. It was here Lane realized Yoga was so much more than just a physical practice. “By showing up and practicing 5 days a week, I began to see the benefits Yoga was having on my mind and that awareness transferred over to other aspects of my life. I can honestly say, Yoga has played the largest role in who I am today.” After practicing for over 20 years, Lane realized it was time to share this gift of yoga with others. Lane went on to earn a Masters Degree in Psychology and completed his 200hr foundation training with Yoga Mittra in Mahattan Beach. Lane has many mentors but credits Shelly Williams, Genevieve Pujalet, and Suzy Nece for pushing him out of his comfort zone and supporting and encouraging him on his journey. Lane is registered with Yoga Alliance and currently lives in Redondo Beach.



    Eunjoo Pacifici, Pharm.D., Ph.D. has been practicing yoga for over ten years under the tutelage of a number of wonderful teachers including Maggie Mellor (traditional Hatha style) & Linda DiCarlo (Iyengar style) at the Westlake Yoga in Westlake Village, California; Tracy Bogart at the Triangle Yoga in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and most recently, Robyn Marin (vinyasa style) at Robyn’s Energy in Motion. Eunjoo’s own teaching style emphasizes proper alignment and breathing while moving through deep and slow flow yoga. As a licensed healthcare professional and a university educator, Eunjoo explores ways to holistically incorporate yoga practice to enhance one’s overall quality of life.


    Jennifer Allen Richard began practicing yoga nearly twenty years ago at the Jivamukti center in New York City. Throughout the years, as a journalist and on-air reporter, yoga has remained the anchor in her creative life.

    Here at Palos Verdes Yoga, Jennifer has taught yoga to football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and volleyball players in her Yoga for Athletes program. As the daughter of a pro football coach, she grew up with a deep understanding of athletes – and the clear balance between mind and body in movement. Jennifer brings this knowledge onto the mat, guiding students through sessions that are physically challenging yet mentally steadying, encouraging all to tap into their own inner strength.

    Jennifer received her 200-hour certification from Planet Yoga, and has been teaching in Los Angeles for ten years now. She is currently being mentored by master teacher Annie Carpenter – and is in the midst of receiving a 300-hour training certification in Smart Flow Yoga at Sacred Movement.


    Kimberly Blaine is the owner of Palos Verdes Yoga and Fitness. She grew up camping and hiking the East Tennessee area of the Appalachian Trail and studying martial arts and gymnastics. Kimberly began her yoga journey in 1999. Her passion for yoga bloomed from the very first class she took as she set her goals on becoming a teacher. After practicing in Florida and East Tennessee, she found herself in the South Bay Yoga Community. Here, she immersed herself in her practice and completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training course in 2004. Her instruction is based on the Vinyasa Flow technique which creates a union between breath, movement, and building strength. Alignment is included for beginners and to protect students from possible injuries. A soft vocal delivery combined with an intelligent, challenging sequence has become Kimberly’s unique style. The class is designed for anyone who is seeking peace and acceptance in their body today. Come with an open mind and an open heart.

    Quote from Kimberly…..


    “When I first experienced Yoga, I embraced it and sought it on a deeper level with intentions to ultimately share the magnificence with others. Yoga has taught me more than asanas, but a way of life, and to seek inside myself for love and consciousness for that is where it truly lies. It has opened my body, my mind, my heart and soul to each and every form of life. Because of my devotion to my practice and meditation, I am aware of the small miracles happening around us every day and I offer gratitude for those bestowed upon me. I thank all those who have encouraged and instructed me along my journey, as I have approached this moment to share this love and knowledge with others, to teach. This is what I have experienced and know to be a transformation beyond imagination. So, I offer to you my instruction that I have devoted to those seeking a state of consciousness where peace truly lies. Follow it and believe in it, but most importantly believe in yourself and the divine power that already exists within you and every other being. Welcome, yogis, to enlightenment…..Namaste”


    lisa schmal


    Lisa Menard Schmahl completed her first Hatha Yoga teacher training ten years after discovering the transformative power of the breath. She soon shifted from teaching friends in her backyard to leading classes overlooking the Chicago skyline. 2013 inspired change, relocating Lisa and family to the South Bay area. Her love of play is evident in her teachings. Classes are alignment based allowing students a deeper understanding of Hatha Yoga. Energizing breathwork, calming meditation, and challenging asana, all lead to transformation in body and mind. Lisa believes that an understanding of the practice is more empowering than mastering poses, and encourages students to open themselves to the beauty and depth of their hearts. When not having fun in the classroom or on the mat, you can find her laughing and playing with her husband and dog along the oceanfront.

    Kim Wolff

    Kim Wolff views the practice and teaching of yoga as a way of life that informs all aspects of existence. She uses it as a tool for creating conscious evolution in a world that is in desperate need of more lightness of spirit and less heaviness of heart, greater acceptance and less inequality, more love and less fear. She is known for her holistic and heart-centered approach and draws on teachings from many of the ancient wisdom and nature-based traditions. She translates these time honored teachings in a way that is modern, meaningful and thoroughly accessible.

    For many years, she enjoyed a successful career working as an educator, special events coordinator and visual merchandiser in the retail fashion and beauty industries, but felt compelled to leave it behind in pursuit of a different way of life.  One that finds her now walking the path of spirit and sharing what she’s learned with those interested in journeying along with her.

    Kim began her formal study of yoga at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, California in 2008, with internationally acclaimed teacher, Saul David Raye. She earned her 200 hour yoga teacher certification and entered into a two year apprenticeship with Saul, solidifying her path primarily as a teacher in the Bhakti-Tantra tradition.  Kim has also completed immersive study programs with master teachers abroad;  meditation & ayurveda in India in 2009 and traditional Thai yoga therapy in Thailand in 2010.  She is currently studying ”Dance of Oneness” under Banafsheh Sayaad, renowned dance artist, choreographer and transformational teacher.

    In 2009, Kim founded Chrysalis Yoga, which serves as a launch pad for initiating service projects both at home and abroad, benefiting those most in need of resources, support and empowerment.  She is honored to serve as an ambassador for Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit whose mission is to mobilize the global yoga community for the purpose of empowering women and girls in India to build sustainable livelihoods and communities.

    Kim is inspired by the wonder, beauty and abundance of the natural world,  great art of all genres, any music that stirs her soul, ritual as a practice of devotion and the strength & resilience of the human spirit. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling the globe, cooking for friends and family, riding her bike along the beach path, writing as a means of creative self expression and continuing her studies of sacred movement and the teachings of the way-showers, both ancient and present day.  She currently resides in Long Beach, California with her partner, artist Rick Frausto and their cat, Fosi.


    Sarah and Kelly

    Kelly Irwin is the Office Manager for Palos Verdes Yoga and Fitness, and works tirelessly at handling student accounts and profiles and keeping all the paperwork organized and up to date. A permanent fixture on her mat in the southeast corner of the yoga studio, Kelly is a loving mother to three wonderful children and has recently returned to the work force doing something she loves; working with and teaching kindergarten students. Kelly also enjoys doing volunteer activities with her children, both in conjunction with their schools and serving meals with her son Shane at Samoshel, a transitional housing facility and project of OPCC.

    Sarah Jessup does her best to keep the accounts running smoothly for the studio. Additionally, she proudly serves as Board Chair to OPCC, a social services organization whose important vision is to end homelessness, break the cycle of domestic violence and assist people suffering from mental illness (website at

    The two work closely with owner Kimberly Blaine keeping everything balanced and running smoothly.

    Sarah and Kelly are lovingly referred to as “Gifts with Purchase.” They have been students and friends since the beginning of the studio under the operation of Robyn Marin. When it went up for sale, they raised their hands to handle the operations while shopping for the right owner. They did such a great job through the transition, Kimberly adopted them into these roles. Now their energy bubbles all around Palos Verdes Yoga and they are truly part of the heart of the place. Not only are they taking care of business, they love to monkey around and have fun while staying safe and enjoying health and fitness.

    Jenn W

    Jenn W

    “In my life I count among my greatest blessings my early ill health, poverty, lack of education, and the harshness of my guru. Without these deprivations, I might never have held on so faithfully to yoga. When everything else is stripped away, the essential is revealed”.
    Iyengar Yoga found Jenn fifteen years ago. She fell in love with hatha yoga and was instantly hooked. Finding a deep connection with the spiritual aspect of yoga and noticing the subtle changes it was making in her life she continued her practice. Going to her first Vinyasa Flow class in 2005, Jenn fell in love with a style of yoga new to her.
    With a background in Psychology, Energy healing, and Chinese Medicine Jenn started seeing how all of these healing methods are integrated in yoga and asana. Amazed by this, she decided to deepen her practice and find out more about how and why yoga works as a way of healing mind, body and spirit. Jenn received her training in Hermosa Beach in 2012 and started teaching in 2013.
    Jenn is currently a Massage Therapist and just beginning her third year of a Chinese Medicine program at Yo San University.


    Movement has always been Michelle’s backbone. It began with dance, surfing, snowboarding, and then yoga found her. What a pleasant surprise that all this movement brought her to stillness. From the first yoga class she ever took her practice became a part of her that is continuing to grow and change. Teaching was an obvious and rewarding step in her path.

    Michelle attended The White Lotus Teacher Training course in Santa Barbara in 2002, taught by Paul Reynolds, Kent Bond, Tracey Rich, and Ganga White. There she was trained in the Vinyasa Flow style which is the foundation for many of her classes. Over the course of many years she has had the opportunity to learn from David Swenson, Annie Carpenter, Gabriel Hall, and Saul David Raye. Michelle will always be a student and is continuing her study of yoga whenever possible.

    From 2002-2005 Michelle ran a studio in Big Bear, CA. With a small space to hold classes she was able to offer a variety ranging from yoga for athletes to yoga for seniors. She specialized in private sessions to help cultivate a person’s practice to meet their unique needs.

    From 2008-2012 she has been teaching classes at Yoga World Studios in Long Beach- a variety of styles- from Advanced to Restorative. In addition to her normal classes she enjoys creating workshops. A few of her past favorites were; Healing the Sacred Feminine, Finding Joy through Movement, and The Wild Self.

    Michelle strives to keep every class fresh with a new blend of moves to match an ever changing mix of students. No two bodies are the same and no two practices are either. She believes in modifying as much as needed to create an approachable style for everyone.

    Michelle is proud of her ability to share her love of yoga and help others to cultivate their own practice.

    Private Instruction Available Upon Request.


    Single Class: $18
    5 Class Series: $75 valid for 1 month
    10 classes $135 valid for 2 months
    25 classes $250 valid for 6 months

    Unlimited 30 days $125
    Unlimited 6 months $675
    Unlimited 12 months $1195
    unlimited packages based on calendar dates


    Single Class: $14
    Students Pack: 10 Classes $120 valid for 3 months

    Private Sessions:

    Single $75
    5 Pack $360
    10 Pack $700

    Payment and Terms:

    Cash, Checks, American Express, Mastercard
    & Visa accepted.
    Group Private Sessions available upon request.
    Gift certificates available.
    Prices subject to change.
    Packages can be shared with spouse (excluding unlimited series).
    Packages are not refundable or transferable.

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    The Studio

    The studio is available for Private Parties and Events for a rental fee. We are located in the beautiful Lunada Bay community of Palos Verdes. We have a beautiful spacious bamboo floor in the practice room with props, blankets, and mats for comfort in your yoga practice. Don’t forget the group exercise classes including Kristi’s Kardio and Athlete Programs! You’ll find us by Lunada Bay Hardware in the lower back level.

    practice room 3

    The Shop

    We are committed to fair trade, quality relationships with like minded merchants. If you are a local artist and you think your product is a good fit, please contact Kimberly at palosverdesyoga(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss.

    practice room altar

    Jenn W

    Jennifer Wallace

    Palos Verdes Yoga & Fitness IN HOUSE massage therapist,

    Contact for an appointment today…warmest wishes, Jennifer…



    Targets deeper layers of the musculature tissue. This massage is specific to areas of tension and may not cover the full body if appropriate.

    Half $55   Full $85   Deluxe $105


    A full body Swedish style massage with light to medium pressure. Very effective for the overall well-being of the energy flow in the body.

    Half $50   Full $80   Deluxe $100


    A deeply relaxing foot treatment that relieves stress and improves circulation, bringing balance to the body.

    Add $10 to the price of your massage


    Warmed aromatic oils applied onto the hair/scalp followed by massage on head, neck, and shoulders.

    15 minutes $30   30 minutes $55




    2325 Palos Verdes Drive West #104
    Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

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